Your Guide to the Best Summer Holiday Hotspots in France

One of the most popular ways to spend a summer holiday is to take the ferry to France from England. Once you are there, you can explore the northern part of the country with ease, or you might even set off on a road trip to see some of the sites elsewhere throughout France. Whatever your interests, the country will certainly have some great options worth discovering. Here are some of the top hotspots in France to consider for your summer holiday. 

Explore the Culinary Landscape
If your main reason to head to France by ferry is to take advantage of the amazing French cuisine, then Le Havre is a fantastic destination. Along with being a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site because of the city’s historical importance, Le Havre is famous for delicious ciders and cheese. At the covered market of Les Halles, you can scoop up wares from local farmers and artisans, or you might want to pick up tasty homemade chocolates from the Chocolaterie Auzou.

Le Touquet: Relaxation By The Sea
One of the most popular seaside resorts in Northern France is Le Touquet, located in the region known as Nord-Pas de Calais. Frequented by Parisian citizens as well as visitors from the UK, Le Touquet boasts a gorgeous sandy coastline, golf courses and even amusement parks. Since it is safe, warm and convenient to the UK, it is a top pick for families as well as those travelers who only have a few days to get away on a short holiday.

Calais: Cultural Delights
Calais is one of the closest destinations to the United Kingdom, and its location right on the English Channel makes it a popular spot for quick trips from Dover. Unfortunately, Calais has earned a reputation for being a place to avoid British taxes on cigarettes and alcohol, but it can be an amazing place for culture. Visitors won’t want to miss trips to the Modern Art Museum, The Tower of Light, the living museum housed in a lace factory and the stunning Rodin sculptures found just outside the town hall. Of courses, Calais is also home to the Citadelle and Fort Nieulay, both of which were important resistance forts during the French Revolution.

Deauville: Seaside Resort
For travelers from the UK who are searching for a smart and sophisticated seaside resort outside of the South of France, Deauville is a great alternative. Found in Normandy, Deauville is conveniently located to many of the ports ferrying passengers back and forth from the UK. The town itself is charming and boasts an exciting annual film festival, but the main attraction is the beach. A wide sandy coastline offers a place to recline in the sun, and the water is cool and inviting. The beachwalk promenade is popular and leads through dozens of charming restaurants, shops and cafes.

These are just a few of the top holiday destinations in France. The ease of the ferry can get you to these remarkable seaside locations in just a few hours check online for the ferry timetable and times from major ferry companies.


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